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Community Spark Grant Project Ideas 


Example Projects

We welcome and encourage your creativity and ingenuity when it comes to your project submission. We especially want to call your attention to the below websites and ideas for inspiration as well as give you some guidelines around ideas that cannot be funded.



These ideas are intentionally vague to offer inspiration and help spark ideas that will work best for your community. 

  • Develop vibrant community spaces, creative public participation, and/or community engagement
  • Offer ways to get out to ride a bike
  • Center equity and accessibility that build the social fabric of a community
  • Promote civic engagement through events or projects that get community members and civic leaders involved
  • Training or actions to support bike infrastructure
  • Bike educational opportunities that help people feel more comfortable or connected to biking
  • Events that involve under-resourced neighborhoods to help build local capacity to support more bikeable places
  • Enhance high-use public space with bike amenities that impact the broader community in a meaningful and inventive way
  • Collaboratively develop public art and/or creative programming to promote and encourage bicycling
  • Build coalitions to create programming or projects that improve accessibility and ease of biking


Previously Awarded Projects:

Seniors: Cycle That Pain Away

Physicians are well-positioned to present the health benefits of physical activity to patients but rarely are these efforts to increase physical activity targeted to communities of color or seniors who often face health ailments that make physical activity difficult. Bicycle Oven Company plans to initiate discussions, offer Smart Cycling courses for seniors, as well as sponsor webinars and lunch-and-learn events, with physicians in the area about promoting the health benefit of bicycling as a low-impact sport to their patients. 

Wheel Change: Lansing Bike Repair Station

With the installation of a fully-equipped bike repair station, the City of Lansing’s Public Service Department aims to increase the number of bicyclists who utilize the Lansing River Trail and enhance multi-modal transit options for the significant population of refugees and long-time Lansing residents who garden at Webster Farms. A bike repair station with plenty of tools, an air pump, and a stand will keep cyclists safe from breakdowns and strengthen the biking community in South Lansing and the city as a whole.

Global District Open Streets 

Tulsa Global District will host an open streets event as an implementation effort of the NACTO Streets for Kids Design Workshop. This event would close down 21st Street and help residents and City officials visualize how it could be used in a way that prioritizes families and children. Open Streets activities include offering community resources, kids’ games, a visioning station, and temporary elements to create a safer space for people with pedestrian crosswalks, bike lanes, street art, etc.

Check out the full list of our 2022 Community Spark Grant awardees for more examples of grant-worthy projects!

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